Markus Giacomuzzi

Scrum Master & Team Leader

Scaled Agile
15.20 – 15.50 Loft 2

Ist virtuelles Big Room Planning möglich und sinnvoll um Reisekosten zu sparen? 🇩🇪 / 🇬🇧

There is still a lot of hype about scaled agility with SAFe or LeSS. At first glance, the implementation of the certification programs seems tempting for traditional companies. However, often the massive additional travel costs that are suddenly incurred through quarterly travel are overlooked. This is precisely what prompted our management to pull the brakes. Cost reduction has changed our Big Room Plannings with over 100 participants away from physical post-its, wool strings and boards to virtualisation. Get to know our story.

Short Bio

I have a technical and economic background and lead a Java software team at Siemens Building Technologies in Zug that develops networked fire alarm systems for the global market.

From my point of view, a Lean-Agile-Mindset is the key to being able to survive in the future. I am currently contributing my nine years of experience as a ScrumMaster in the role of SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) to the „journey“ of a classic multi-project portfolio to an Agile Release Train (ART) that started a year ago. The companies have not only become more global, but their employees have also become more mobile. That’s why it’s an exciting challenge for me to experiment with globally distributed teams and modern tools with the goal of enabling the most effective cooperation possible despite international distribution. In addition to virtual Big Room Planning, we are also making our first steps with Open Space Technology (OST) and distributed teams. For me it is undisputed that face-to-face communication is irreplaceable. Nevertheless, despite certain management decisions, I try to get the best out of team cooperation and thus for the sustainable success of the company.

Weitere Speaker